Energy Marketing Opportunities in 2021



Hear from Energy Magazine's editor Laura Harvey and learn about the best opportunities in the energy industry in 2021 following the federal budget

Energy Magazine's Managing Director, Chris Bland, gave advice and provided invaluable insight on how to build your brand and develop your marketing strategy in 2021

When the Federal Government’s Budget for the 2020-21 financial year was handed down on October 6, the energy industry gained an insight into how our future – at least in the short-term – will look.

The Government doubled down on its commitments to the gas industry, its commitment to lowering energy prices, and it also recommitted to renewables, confirming funding for ARENA for the next decade.

A path forward has now been set for the industry, and if you're in the business of supplying products or services to the energy industry, you should now be thinking about how you'll take advantage of these opportunities in 2021.

Energy Editor Laura Harvey was joined by Monkey Media's Managing Director Chris Bland to discuss the industry outlook for 2021, and some of the new and unique ways you can connect with decision makers in the energy industry in 2021.


Chris Bland

Managing Director - Monkey Media

Chris is a veteran of the B2B marketing sector, having been involved in the launch and publication of numerous magazines, events, digital publications and webinars over the past two decades. He has worked with many of the leading companies in the energy sector, helping them to bring their message to the right audience on countless occasions.

Laura Harvey

Managing Editor - Monkey Media

Laura has almost two decades of experience in publishing, marketing and running events in the B2B sector. She understands the kind of messages that cut through when it comes to essential services providers, and specialises in getting the attention of her clients’ target audiences.